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Anselmo-Merna School Supply List- 2017-18


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Anselmo-Merna School Supply List-2017-2018

Anselmo-Merna School Supply List




Mrs. Schmidt

Copies of birth certificate and shot record

2 boxes of Kleenex                 1 pencil box

1 8 ct box of crayons               1 glue bottle

2 glue sticks                            3 pencils

1 pair of scissors                     1 paint shirt

PE shoes (please send Velcro shoes if your child does not know how to tie)



Mrs. Griffith

Copy of birth certificate, copy of shot records, completed physical exam form and

completed vision exam form.   These must be done no more than 6 months prior to school. 

pencil box                                pencils                                     

child-safe scissors                   crayons (box of 8 or 16)

erasers                                     glue stick (no liquid glue)

rug or mat for rest time            water bottle (to be left at school)

box of Kleenex                        PE shoes (to be left at school)


1st Grade

Mrs. Thornton

water bottle with lid                    24-36 box of crayons             

1 pocket folder                           pencil box                               

pencils                                       PE Shoes                                            

eraser                                        2 glue sticks                           

scissors                                     2 boxes Kleenex                                 


2nd Grade

Mrs. McGinn

3-4 pencils                              1 big eraser   

water bottle                             2-3 glue sticks                        

scissors                                   PE Shoes

1 folder                                    pencil box 

crayons                                    box of Kleenex


3rd Grade

Mrs. Marshall

3 wide ruled notebooks                             3 folders                                 

water bottle with lid                                   10 pencils                               

1 red pen, 1 blue or black pen                  1 box of Kleenex                      

pencil box                                                  PE Shoes

24 ct. box of crayons                                 scissors                                  

2 glue sticks                                              pink eraser                            

1 box markers, not skinny                        1 highlighter

1 Composition Notebook                          1 dry erase marker                                                                     


4th Grade

Mr. Goodman

10 pencils, eraser                                      2 highlighters                      

4 notebooks                                              1 Expo Marker                        

1 red pen, 1 blue or black pen                  scissors                                    

glue stick                                                   ruler (cm and inch)

colored pencils or crayons                        pencil box or bag                

box of Kleenex                                         water bottle with lid(12-20 oz)    

3 different colored folders                        PE Shoes


5th Grade

Mrs. Gibbons

pencils                                                    2 boxes of tissue

red pen                                                  13 pocket expanding file folder

blue pen                                                 2 one-subject notebooks

black pen                                               1 100 pg. composition notebook

black sharpie                                         3 packages loose leaf lined paper

highlighter                                             pencil box/bag for supplies         

colored pencils                                      PE shoes



6th Grade

Mrs. McCaslin

pencils                                     colored pencils                                       pencil pouch

thin markers                            1 pad 3x3 Post-Its                                  water bottle

ruler                                         3 single subject notebooks                    PE Shoes

pencil box                                2 boxes Kleenex

pocket dictionary                     highlighter

2 large glue sticks                   2 rolls of double stick tape            


Mrs. Hardy – 7th & 8th Grade

pencils                                     black pens

scientific calculator                  several notebooks


Mr. Lewis – Jr. High/HS Science

All students need a composition notebook for labs. NO spirals accepted.

9 – 12th grade – Scientific calculator required.


Mrs. Crouch –HS English

All students need a notebook that will stay in the classroom.




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